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Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 1
Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 2
Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 3
Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 4
Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 5
Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 1
Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 2
Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 3
Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 4
Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 5

Mobile Military CCTV Trailer


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    Mobile Military CCTV Trailer

    A mobile powered surveillance device is necessary in many aspects, especially for the military base far away from the city without mains, or even in islands or mountains near the border. The Biglux's mobile military CCTV Tower Trailer has solar genset hybrid system: renewable solar energy system and genset generator as backup, which is very convenient for outdoor applications even with days of cloudy and rainy, such as security monitoring, management, lighting, etc. In addition to CCTV system, this mobile power station can provide electricity power for other military equipments, such as radio, radar, etc.


    Solar Panel: 4* 460W, Monocrystalline Silicon

    Battery: 8*200Ah,DC12V, 19200W·h lead acid batteries

    Mouting box: With mounting box and junction connectors ready

    Spring Cable: 2* Cat6 + 2* Supply

    Controller: 95% Efficiency smart MPPT controler

    Genset Backup: 5kW/kVA diesel generator with charger and hybrid system

    Mast: Steel Q235, Square Telescopic type, 6.5 m, 5 Sections, Manual Winch Lifting, recommend load: 5-60kg

    Trailer: US/EU/AU Standard, Ball Hitch, Double Axles, 4pcs Manual Outriggers

    Charging Time: 8.8 hours by solar; approx 4 hours by diesel

    Running Time: 4 Days for 120W with a full charge of batteries

    We can customize based on needs:

    1) a special space for holding your devices, such as radio, machines

    2) a separate room for the diesel genset.

    With a good slider, you can pull out while use the genset;  A fan and shutters at bottom for better ventilation;

    Details of Mobile Military CCTV Trailer inside:

    1) Lead acid Batteries and MPPT smart controllers in side the trailer with shutter for good ventilation;

    2) Good wire connections with soft tube for better protection and look tidy;

    3) Fixing of the batteries in the bay to keep them more stable while trasportation

    Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 10

    Doing assembly of the Mobile Solar CCTV System Tower in the workshop

    Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 11

    Different colors and even your color available

    Some details:

    Mobile Military CCTV Trailer 14

    There is mouting box with junction connector and spring cables available. It is easily for you to connect the camera system locally based on the exact applications. The NVR and router can be put inside the trailer.

    With the hybrid system, while it decting there is no enough electricity, the genset diesel generator works automatically, to make sure 24/7 continuous working. 

    If more details of Mobile Military CCTV Trailer required, please contact Biglux. 

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