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Remote Power Supply and Monitoring for Industrial Setups
When working in remote areas or across large span operations without accessible grid power, management of resources and equipment can be a challenge. The RPS platform connects and powers your operation with the added safety benefits of a localised communications network in case of emergencies.

From greenfield construction to road infrastructure, RPS can supply remote power with effective redundancy for days on end all in a rapidly deployable, mobile solution. Our platform allows for equipment control/automation, convenient monitoring and alerts of both equipment function and power sources. Our control software allows you to configure how you control your equipment and monitors for equipment health, maintenance and safety.

The ability to effectively monitor assets improves utilisation of equipment and aids in the reduction of operation costs.
RPS can supply a range of effective security and surveillance options to ensure assets can be monitored from anywhere whilst operating in remote areas. The evolving use of deep learning cameras can also provide critical support to your operations.

The RPS platform allows for all equipment to be monitored through one interface with connectivity and communications so you can monitor your site from anywhere in the world.

RPS provides a range power of solutions to ensure that your specific equipment power requirements are exceeded.

RPS enables for devices to be powered, controlled and monitored on a single platform through an intuitive user interface.
Industries that we can provide for (But not limited to) include:
Road Infrastructure,
Rural Development / Construction,
Mining Construction,
Mineral Exploration,
Critical Infrastructure Projects.

The platform offering is cheaper than you think with safety and usability at the core of our company mission.

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