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Portable Light Tower Rentals 1
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Portable Light Tower Rentals


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    Portable Solar Light Tower Rentals

    For the people only need lighting occasionally or have special night projects, renting a lighthouse may be cost-effective. That's the same for other devices of your rental business. Biglux portable solar light tower trailers are your good choices or alternative light towers for renting compared with the traditional diesel light towers:

    -It is self powered by solar energy, no need to build cables connecting the power grid, no need expensive and non environmental fuel.

    -The strong mobile solar trailer combined with high efficiency and high brightness led lights, it has long life time with very low maintenance frequency.

    -Very fast deployment, even one person can handle it within 10 minutes.

    -Widely applications such as construction site, mining industry,  parking lots, etc, Biglux portable solar light towers will extend your business scope.


    Solar Panel: 3* 460W, Monocrystalline Silicon

    Battery: 6*200Ah,DC12V, 14400W·h lead acid batteries

    Spring Cable: Power supply wires

    Controller: 95% Efficiency smart MPPT controler

    Lampls: 6*100W led lights with 150lm/W, total 60000lm

    Mast: Steel Q235, Square Telescopic type, 6.5 m, 5 Sections, Electric Winch Lifting, recommend load: 5-70kg

    Rotation: 360 degree rotation electric

    Tilt: 90 degree electric

    Trailer: US/EU/AU Standard, Ball Hitch, single Axles, 4pcs Manual Outriggers, safety chains

    Charging Time: 8.8 hours with good sunshine

    Running Time: 19.2 hours at 80% DOD

    We can help make Dialux simulations:

    Some projects require lighting illumination details. Please provide us the project site information and the illumination requirement. We will help provide simulation to decide wattage, quantity and installation height of the light towers based on the light brightness and beam angle.

    MPPT of portable solar light tower trailers inside:

    1) The battery status and power comsuption could be detected and checked via MPPT screen;

    2) You can set the MPPT by yourself, for example, automatic time of led lights on-off ;

    3) Software or APP to check the status connecting MPPT is available

    Portable Light Tower Rentals 10

    Doing assembly of the Mobile Solar CCTV System Tower in the workshop

    Portable Light Tower Rentals 11

    Different colors and even your color available

    Good qualit sliders:

    Portable Light Tower Rentals 14

    Biglux mobile solar light tower trailers are lighting in the parking lot of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

    In the construction industry, work does not always end at sunset. Lighthouses are essential for providing lighting at night or in areas with poor natural lighting. The mobile light tower trails can be used from remote construction sites to parking lots, or for bridge maintenance or road construction after dark.

    When you provide mobile solar light tower rental service to your clients some main aspects need to confirm:

    -Light illumination: different LED light towers with different brightness and height, then the cover size different. For some areas requiring exact information, you can try to use Dialux for simulations.

    -Telescopic mast height: In some worksites, it is important to consider how high the mast of the lamp can be extended. You should also check the flexibility of the mast in case you need to adjust the angle of the light. Biglux led light towers have different lens, and after installation, there are options of rotation and tilt.

    -Working hours of lamps: better to consider the solar charging time of the batteries, and the working time after each charge.

    If more details required, welcome to contact Biglux.

    Just leave your email or phone number in the contact form so we can send you a free quote for our wide range of designs

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