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Portable Solar Power Systems for Telecommunications
We can design, engineer, and integrate a telecommunication solution tailored for your needs.

We support the telecom industry with solar solutions for microwave repeater sites, base transmission stations (BTS), rural telephony, VSATs, two-way radio, telephone exchanges, satellite earth stations, and more. We will work with you to size your solution to expand your network infrastructure and coordinate all the technologies involved. Deployment, even in the most remote locations, is far easier than many other solutions, especially running utility line extensions.

Many existing sites that operate 24/7 on diesel fuel can transition to solar to reduce the burden of costly fuel and maintenance of generators. Most often a combination of solar, wind, and generator works best.

Satellite and telecommunications site in the Solomon Islands.
You may want a solution that is completely PV powered, or a hybrid of PV, wind, and generator. BIGLUX works with the top manufacturers of products in all these categories to ensure the integrity of your solution.  
We have 10+ years of experience in providing economical, reliable power solutions for cellular expansion programs. Our core communications business has been assisting telecom OEMs and network operators to resolve remote power requirements, and we have deployed systems to power telecom equipment throughout the world.
We will work closely with your team, from initial design and system integration, to shipping, deployment, and installation. This process allows us to provide solar power solutions with quick turnaround and short lead times from inception to installation.
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